The high point of each monthly meeting is listening to a guest speaker.

All members are encouraged to suggest speakers whom they believe their fellow members would enjoy. Typical topics might include:

  • Salt Spring issues
  • Environmental concerns
  • Writers and books
  • Contemporary Canadian or global issues
  •  Activists

2019 Summer/Fall LINEUP:

December, 2019

Date/Time: 6:00 pm, 11 December, 2019
Location: Crofton Room, Harbour House Hotel
• Cold seafood station: crab legs, prawns, mussels, salmon, cocktail sauce
• Roast Turkey with all the fixings
• Vegetarian option
• Scalloped potatoes, seasonal vegetables
• Farm greens
• Potato salad
• Jana’s winter pies
• Coffee, tea pop
Alcohol: Cash bar (wine and beer)
Cost: 50.00 (flat) per member (whose yearly dues are paid)
Tickets: On sale at Probus club meetings; September 17, October 15, November 19.
Entertainment: TBD – Possibly Sean the magician again
Gift exchange: Yes if you wish to participate, bring a gift with a value no greater than $10.00

Recent and Past Speakers:

Jan 15, 2019

Topic: Microplastics in the Vancouver Island Marine Environment
Presenter: MSc Student: Matt Miller from University of Victoria, School of Earth and Ocean Sciences
Microplastics have become a significant pollutant in today’s oceans. These small particles are ingested by various species of fish and even humans.
Matt Miller will explain what Microplastics are made of, where they come from, how this is disrupting the marine life and ecosystems of the oceans and hopefully shed some light on what we as individuals can do to cut down on putting this in our oceans.

For past year speakers, please go to Archives

2019 past speakers

Feb 19, 2019

Topic: Hayward’s Funeral Service; The Gulf Islands only independent funeral service since 1867.
Presenter: Christie Doyle, owner and operator
This month’s presentation is a great opportunity to learn more about the islands locally owned and operated funeral service and have any questions answered.
Born in 1982 in Calgary, Alberta, Doyle has demonstrated compassion, empathy and an eagerness to grow and change with the philosophical foundations of Death Care. Doyle graduated from Mount Royal University 2003. Once completing mortuary school, she moved to Saskatchewan to find out if she had what it takes to make it as a young female Mortician in a predominantly male dominated industry.
Fifteen years later and over 1000 client families served Doyle and her family were ready to own and operate their own Funeral Home. When given the opportunity to purchase Haywards Funeral Service, a longstanding funeral home on the Island, they jumped at it. The opportunity to bring such a delicate and necessary service back to its locally owned and operated roots felt very important to them.
Doyle notes that rituals around death and grief are an important part to an organized society. The care for the dead and those hurting is profoundly hard but necessary. “We help confirm the reality and finality of death, providing a climate of mourning and the expression of grief. We celebrate life that has been lived everyday. And for that we are honoured to serve. ”
Doyle is described as a progressive thinker and a creative and compassionate woman, she is eager to see where end of life rituals is heading. “I find joy in sharing what I have learned through out my career and sharing the magnificent portrayals of Love and loss through celebration; all the while, watching how rapidly society is changing.”

March 19, 2019 – Salt Spring Island Rare and Secretive Salt Spring Wildlife and Plants

One or two local biologists will be speaking to Probus members about Rare and Secretive Salt Spring Wildlife and Plants
An illustrated presentation by local biologists will show the natural history and conservation of uncommonly seen wild species of Salt Spring, including rare snakes, snails, lichens, flowers, and bats.
The Gulf Islands are home to unique coastal ecosystems that provide habitat for over 100 Species at Risk and other wildlife. A number of island conservation organizations are participating in the BC Community Bat Program.
Presenters will emphasize the bats in a portion of the overall presentation.
These projects can provide site visits to your property to identify bats, to answer questions about bats, and to advise on bat stewardship, including placement of bat houses. The bat programs also assist in dealing with bats in buildings, including bat-friendly evictions. Educational materials are available for students and for trades people who might encounter bats while working on roofs and similar structures. An annual bat count provides an excellent opportunity to volunteer for nature conservation.

April 16, 2019 -InDro Robotics

A representative of InDro Robotics Inc on Salt Spring Island will be discussing the advancements in the UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) industry brought on by recent technology and changes to regulations to expand flights Beyond Visual Line of Sight and autonomous flight.
UAVs or otherwise known as Drones, will be on display.
InDro Robotics provides a full-range of unmanned aerial, water and land services as well as a range of mission specific sensor packages to address the unique needs of the globes most complex issues.
The team has seasoned drone and manned aviation pilots, Ph.D.’s in remote sensing, GIS/IT professionals, engineers, and other specialists key to deploying effective unmanned services – with a network of partners designed to further compliment our in-house skill set.

Areas where UAV’s are used:
o Agriculture/Vegetation Management
o Infrastructure Monitoring
o Site Monitoring
o Construction Monitoring
o Disaster Planning
o Search and Rescue
o Roadway Mapping
o Traffic Scan
o Environment
o Marine
o Mining
0 Govern

May 21, 2019
Topic: A History of Ganges, and Remaining Old Buildings

June 18, 2019
We’ll hear from Salt Spring author Patricia Skidmore whose topic is British child migration to Canada. Did you know that between 1833 and 1948, 120,000 British children were torn from their homes and sent to Canada as indentured workers?
Patricia has authored two books about one such child, Marjorie, who was sent to t Canada in 1937 at the age of 10 to work at the Prince of Wales Fairbridge Farm School on Vancouver Island.
Her presentation will include many images of Marjorie and her peers during the war years at the farm
2019 British Child Migration to Canada SSI PROBUSresenter: Bob Rush, SSI Islander and member of Probus

July 16, 2019
AGM and brunch with presentation by Robert Huber on scams targeting seniors

September, 2019-

Janet Dunnett and Carollyne Haynes

Island residents Janet Dunnett and Carollyne Haynes have joined forces to explore contemporary issues of significance to seniors today. In their very different genres, memoir and novel, they meet on the common ground that has inspired them both, Sunset Love.
Janet’s memoir, The Dwindling, shares how her journey of caring for her aging parents began with complicated feelings of loyalty tinged with obligation. But as her parents’ vulnerability grew, she was surprised by new found feelings of tenderness. Gail Sheehy, a highly influential author whose 70’s book, Passages, was the voice of her generation, calls Janet’s memoir “captivating and honest.” Janet agrees. She declares that being a caregiver was the hardest job she ever loved.

Carollyne’s book, A Matter of Issue, explores the charms and challenges of a ‘sunset romance’ and the various reactions of family members, some of whom are less than enthusiastic about Dad’s new love. This is the Romeo and Juliet story of the sunset years, only this time it’s the children raising objections to the romance, not the parents! A Matter of Issue has received a 5-star review from Readers’ Favorites … ‘Haynes has done a wonderful job of wrapping her story around some very big and very underrated societal issues that affect our ever-aging population.’ A Matter of Issue is Carollyne’s second book, following on the heels of her award winning autobiography Raised by Committee, published in 2010.
In bringing this collaboration to the Probus Group of Salt Spring Island, Carollyne and Janet will use their books as a springboard to present twilight challenges and opportunities that members are sure to recognize. A vibrant discussion is sure to follow because everyone has a story to share.

October 15, 2019 – Coral Reef Creatures
Ann Donahue
Coral reefs are an intricate habitat for multiples animals of different sizes,
shapes and colours.
Ann Donahue is a retired teacher with a passion for the ocean and
Scuba diving. She snorkels regularly in the waters around her home on Salt
Spring BC. She also travels a few times a year to dive the coral reefs of
warmer waters. She enjoys taking photos and videos of this beautiful
environment to share with friends. Ann likes to visit schools and community groups to show the beauty of coral reefs to children of all ages.
As an underwater photographer, Ann has had the opportunity to explore reefs around the globe and witness the behaviour of fascinating creatures.
As an educator, she likes to use her images to share her experiences with
others and spread the word about this delicate ecosystem facing important
environmental challenges.
Ann’s presentations focus on the diversity of life encountered in coral reefs as well as the beauty of the underwater world. she also includes a section on sharks to demystify the myths surrounding these incredible predators.
All of the images presented are from her and her husband’s own collection.

November 19, 2019
presentation by John Neville: My Encounters with Mammals

Photo by Kate Hill Knight’s Inlet Telegraph Cove Camp
With Recordings and Slides John will introduce you to many of the 464 Mammals across North America. Included will be Columbia Ground Squirrel, Cougar, Humpback Whale and the Coyote or Little Grey Yodeler.